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002 [Sep 20, 11:08a]

Les pierres du chantier ne sont en vrac qu’en apparence, s’il est, perdu dans le chantier, un homme, serait-il seul, qui pense cathédrale.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

'A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.' I have always adored Antoine and his writings, and this quote in particular. It gives me comfort in these difficult times and reminds me nothing, no matter how insurmountable, is impossible.

02. i won't sleep [Sep 19, 11:54p]

[Private: Audrey McClary]
    The Flowers family made it safely out of the country, in case you were wondering. Thank you.
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[Sep 19, 8:07p]


Lily wanted a complete set of Slytherin 98 girls so here's Sophie Roper: halfblood healer trainee who likes money and dogs. that's it bye.
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❀ 007 [Sep 19, 10:52p]

My grandfather and twin are missing not to mention Walden. Any information leading to them being found will of course be rewarded.
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❤ 005 [Sep 19, 10:47p]

Potions class with Mr. Malfoy has been interesting. Why couldn't we have a normal professor? Someone who isn't a death eater and likely a nutter?

| Altair |
Do you want to accompany me for the Hogsmeade weekend coming up? A date or something?
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⛨ 003. warded heavily to neville & ron [Sep 19, 10:45p]

I know you're hardly in a fitting state to do anything but any time you're ready, come to Hogsmeade. I'll close the shop for the day and we'll make sure you lot have a new wand to work with.

It's the least I can do.
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→ 008 [Sep 19, 10:42p]

I'm dating an idiot. I'm glad I have my own flat to go back to when he's being an idiot. Asher, how do you put up with being related to him and that ego?

| Tori |
How are you holding up with all of this? How's Ron? I've thought of you a lot lately and I can't imagine going through what you are. If you need anything, let me know, yeah?

| Hannah |
How is Neville? Do you need anything?

I'm bringing home a bottle and we're going to drown our sorrows, yeah?
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007 → [Sep 19, 10:36p]

Goyle and I have been sitting here for almost twenty minutes waiting on our drinks. I'm starting to wonder if he's going to murder our waitress or walk out or go make them himself.

Parkinson, I may need an alibi.

| Father |
You should probably avoid Aunt Bella. Losing Longbottom and Weasley's likely going to cause her to kill everything and everyone in her path. Even us.

| Astoria |
Do you still want me to visit you on Hogsmeade weekend?

I have a gift for you.

| Mother |
We should have lunch soon.
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[Sep 19, 9:59a]

Barcelona was decent. Shame I had to come home finally. I guess this means I am back to filling orders of rare books and objects. Surprised this place hasn't burned to the ground.

Job is done. Minor body count.

I brought you back a set of interesting knives.
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[Sep 19, 8:42a]

Fall sale.

Buy one, get half off a second item.

Also, now hiring fulltime clerks and partime stockers. If you are interested I will set up interviews.

[hexed private]
Fred, mate, I need you.

People keep leaving me. I've gotten close to Percy of all people. Oh, and Harry is alive. I've known and kept it from our family... Merlin, they are gonna be livid when they find out. Ron lost a finger, so I guess we could start a club?

Everything is fecked up.

I want to just leave again and it feels like just Percy would notice.

I just don't know...
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[Sep 19, 6:17a]

Niklaus, how is Lightning doing? I hope he is minding you well while I'm at school. I wish he wasn't so large so I could have brought him along. Unfortunately, a lot of people my age tend to not be a fan of overly large reptiles just walking freely about and making themselves right at home. Send him my love, would you? I miss you both. Perhaps the two of you can meet up with me in Hogsmeade for Hogsmeade weekend? It's on the 27th? We could walk around and just catch up for a bit.

I'm still seeing all sorts of bits of things in the crystal ball. In Divination, when I consulted the Professor, I was just told that it was all "very interesting." Not the least bit of suggestion or insight to help me to even begin to figure out what the visions within the ball are trying to tell me.

I did see a very big storm inside one of them with heavy winds. I'm not sure when it is going to come, but everyone might want to keep their umbrellas handy just in case.
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Warded to Death Eaters [Sep 19, 5:24a]

What in the fuck is happening to us? We need to get a grip on things and quickly. I know I'm not the only one of us who isn't trying to be on the receiving end of our Lord's wrath when he finds out what has been going on? We need to fix this or do something that will amount to the mistakes that have been made before he gets wind of it all.

I propose we regroup, and hit those mudblood lovers where it will hurt. Destroy that shack in Ottery St. Catchpole known for housing blood traitors and mudbloods alike. It won't fix the problem, but maybe we'll get fortunate enough to burn a few of them alive to make a point. Of course, they'll have protective charms and wards in place, but I imagine they're in place to keep our lot from going in after them rather than protecting it from something happening structurally to bring it down once and for all. It's nothing more than an eyesore anyhow.

We're going to need enough potions to move through the flames unscathed. If any of them inside of that dump go to make an escape, we can surround the area outside of the charms and wards, snatching them up.

Unless of course anybody else has a better plan?

Warded to close trustworthy mates only. [Sep 19, 5:06a]

I thought I was outnumbered by males before, which normally I would fully appreciate because hello? I am me, but honestly? Never in my life did I ever think I'd be living under the same roof as most of the class of 98's Gryffindor boys dormitory and one other female that I don't know other than she was a Slytherin in the same year as us.

All we're missing at this point is Dean Thomas. Which he does come around at times because Seamus and him are in love, I'm fairly certain they are at least.

Merlin help me. Just help me.
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WHO: Molly Weasley and Neville Longbottom
WHEN: alastair and charlie are breaking up in the front yard probably; 9/18
WHERE: The Burrow
WHAT: Molly wants to know what the FUCK is up Neville no step the FUCK up Neville

molly wants a holiday tbqh )
3 cmnt

[Sep 18, 11:08p]

Neville. May I ask you what precisely happened?
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07. i cannot be [Sep 18, 10:30p]

[Private: Flynn]

    I hope this finds you well. I'm sorry we haven't spoken since the other day, when you told me this was all my choice, but I didn't feel like it was safe to say how I really felt, and I didn't want to lie to you. You've been nothing but kind to me and for that I am very grateful, so I feel like you deserve to know the truth.

    Although this relationship was presented to me as an option, it was never really my choice. You're a good man and I hope we might be friends one day, but this has never been what I wanted. I wanted to study under a Potions Master and have my own shoppe, and maybe get married in 5 or 10 years, but not now. I hope you can forgive me for making you think this was something it wasn't. I really am sorry for all of this.

    I'm going away for a while. I don't know when I will be back, or when I'll be able to write again, but regardless of what my father says, please know that I am safe and that I have chosen to be here. All I ask is that you not tell him I wrote to you, even if asks you directly. I genuinely fear what he would do to me if he found me.
[Private: Theo, Alastair can read]
    Theo, I wanted to let you know that Alastair and I are going away for a while, but we're safe. Just please don't tell our dad you heard from us. Love you.
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[Sep 18, 9:05p]


oh hello. my name is katy. i have not roleplayed in 3 years, but don't you worry. you can totally trust me with this significant, canon important character. :')

so, okay, i'll do my best to get caught up here. hermione has been keeping her head down, yes, but it's been buried in books. she's researching things. don't worry about it. if there are any specific lines you'd like preserved from the previous player, please hit me up. otherwise you can read my interpretation of ms granger here.
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[Sep 18, 9:01p]


Who Alastair & Charlie
What Alastair has some truths to drop
When 9/18; evening
Where The Burrow
Rating Low, probably

don't expect too much from my poor old heart )
15 cmnt

[Sep 18, 8:13p]



so like. there's...a lot. that happened. so here's how we're playing it. remus was definitely moon hangry when he told alastair no about his sister but he super did not tell him it was because domestic violence is a family matter. he said it was lack of immediate resources or something idk.

SO THE ORDER. they have not been "doing nothing." or been on hiatus. or whatever. remus and kingsley have been developing an underground network of allies, actively recruiting, trying to save muggleborns, etc. if you want your character to have been recruited to the order and they have someone already established to back them up (and you don't mind handwaving), just tell one of us because congratulations, you're in the order now. we're going to have the da be a thing that works with/in the order, orpheus was never a thing, blah blah we'll make that an ic thing as soon as we cool down about harry being alive, ok? okay good talk.

(this is erin btw)
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[Sep 18, 9:08p]


who Harry & Bones.
where His safe house.
what He's not really coping well with knowing he's been lied to and isn't really dealing well with possibly being 'Harry Potter'.
rating tbd. | incomplete.

Harry Potter was no longer who he was, but Alec Dolohov never existed )
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